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Divine Guidance Reading

During a Divine Guidance reading with Audra, you’ll receive insightful information and messages about you, have an opportunity to ask questions and dialogue directly with her and/or your guides. The readings include tuning into spiritual guidance through the Akashic Records and/or to my Beings, which may deliver physical healing through spiritual wisdom. You will feel empowered and encouraged to achieve a greater understanding of the mind, body, spirit and energetic power, and as a result, can achieve peace, love, and wisdom in your life.​​​


Each reading offers:

  • Clarity and guidance about your life, path, relationships, and growth.

  • A deeper understanding of your current challenges, and how to move forward with peace.

  • An opportunity to learn about your guides.

  • Insight about your past lives to identify a pattern that needs to be released.

  • A path and approach to feeling lighter and more optimistic.

  • 60-minutes which include up to 45-minutes of channeling, recorded on zoom.

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