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Audra is amazing! Her personality is warm and welcoming, comfortable and receptive. She is an incredible intuitive and was spot on as to what approach was needed for my self discovery to move forward. Audra did one of the most powerful personal meditations I have ever experienced—so much healing occurred through that process. I will not hesitate to not only see her again, even via long distance healing. I live in a different geographical state. You are her only priority when working together—that stood out for me. I can definitely see us making great strides in holistic wholeness and wellness. If you’d like or need some enlightening, some clarification, some healing or you don’t know what you need, I highly recommend Audra. I believe you will find more freedom and joy, release and restore from any session or workshop you choose to engage in her and the ‘Awaken Energy Center’.

C.V. - Vermont - Intuitive Reading

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Thank you for the channeled session. You channeled Divine Mother Mary and Paledians during our session. From the very first moment - during our session - I could feel LOVE and acceptance. Unconditional Love coming from every single word you said to me, while in a channeled state. This love can’t be compared to human love. It was more of a God’s divine Love for me. I felt loved, accepted, and I felt that I could ask any question and not be judged. For my questions I received a wise, loving answer. During the session I thought to myself : ‘ Why we humans could not speak the same way?’. The conversation was easy, inspiring and intelligent. I was asking questions on a variety of personal topics and received wonderful, loving answers, something that I will follow through. The answers I received were also full of possibilities. The session helped me to identify simple yet profound ways to increase my feeling of self-worth and self-love. I understood from the session that the key to improving my abundance and prosperity is through improved self-image and self-love. I would highly recommend channeled session with Audra to anyone seeking clarity, improvement, and self-growth. The atmosphere of the session is very peaceful, loving and accepting. Definitely worth trying it for yourself! Thank you Audra.​​​​


R.A.L Tyszowce, Lubelskie Poland - Intuitive Reading

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Recently I had a channeling session with Audra Franta and what an amazing experience​ it was !! I loved it!! She was bringing in the Arcturians and the Pleiadians (so cool ), who worked together to answer all my questions very compassionately and kindly. They also did a healing for me and one for my dog as well. It was fantastic!!  Audra is a remarkable channeler and very knowledgeable, and personable as well, in her own right. It was a wonderful and spiritual event that I will never forget. I highly recommend Audra to anyone who would like to have an enjoyable and special time with the spiritual beings she channels. You will love it as much as I did!!"


B.F. - Illinois - Intuitive Reading

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I had such a beautiful private channeling session with Audra. The messages that came through were so on point and loving. I was at a cross road and our reading provided that clarity I was seeking. Audra and the beings that she channelled really brought the guidance for my highest good.​ She has also helped me on my channeling journey which has been such a blessing. I would highly recommend a session, the messages that come through are authentic and full of love and light.


Y.B. - South Africa - Intuitive Reading

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What a powerful session with Audra! She offered me the opportunity to contact beings and ask questions through her channeling. It was amazing first to receive accurate information about myself as Audra and I didn't know each other and haven't met. Her channeling was fluid and balancing. The energy was in such a way which enabled me to integrate the vibrations from the meaning of the message. She received and shared personal messages for me and for humanity as much as our proper evolution as human beings, in order to integrate them. It cleared my mind and I feel like I have some input and comprehensive tools to navigate my own path with more confidence. I highly recommend a session with Audra if you want to be welcomed in a caring and safe space where you can experience a channeling session with her.


A.T. - France - Intuitive Reading

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Working with Audra has been life changing! I know that sounds extreme but it’s true. Audra has helped me come back home to myself. My confidence in my abilities, my intuition and the universe have grown by leaps and bounds. Audra’s calm and welcoming demeanor made it easy for me to trust her and to trust the process. She really poured herself into our sessions. She never “phoned it in”. I would jump at the chance to work with Audra again. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to work with a woman who is so very kind and encouraging!​


R.H - Georgia - Holistic Wellness Mentoring

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My Yhandi experience has been uplifting, transformational, and life-changing. Such deep healing was done for my inner child, who I knew I had, and my inner adult, whom I had not recognized.
Through guided meditation, Audra lead me into their worlds where they could show me their wounds, beliefs, and programs. I have come into my power as the Loving Self, who has the higher perspective and can offer healing and alignment to these parts of myself, with the tools I have now gained. My previously injured and scattered pieces are now a strong, unified whole.

I am so grateful for Audra, who has walked this path before me, and could guide me with her own wisdom and intuition; to allow me space and time for the specific, individual healing I needed for each piece of the journey. She helped me look past the surface messages of my parts, and pushed me to go deeper to find and feel what the source of the message really was.

I now feel empowered with my connection to myself and my ability to access and assess what these messages are, and what can be done to heal the many wounds my child and adult have suffered. They are very happy and at peace now, and I know that should they be triggered by life circumstances, I now have the tools and wisdom to bring them into balance and wholeness again. I am eternally grateful and forever changed.


A.K, Richmond, VA - Yhandi's Inner Light

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