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Audra's journey into the realm of intuitive holistic wellness began with a sense of being different, of not quite fitting into the molds society often sets. Even as a young child, she felt drawn to the paranormal, curious about the unseen forces that seemed to shape the world around her.


In her early thirties, life dealt Audra a series of crushing blows. Her health, relationships, and career all seemed to crumble around her, leaving her feeling lost and alone. Desperate for a way out, she fell to her knees and made a solemn vow to the divine: if given a chance, she would dedicate her life to helping others.

Audra Franta

As Audra delved deeper into her spiritual journey, she found herself drawn to Richmond, VA, where she discovered the teachings of Edgar Cayce. Through intuitive development classes, she began to tap into her innate abilities, finding solace and confidence in her newfound gifts.


However, with great power came great challenges. Audra's heightened senses often left her feeling overwhelmed, and she struggled to maintain balance in her life. Fearful and plagued by anxiety, she sought the guidance of a healer who helped her find wellness and peace within herself.


Inspired by her own transformation, Audra embarked on a journey of learning and growth, earning her doctorate in Metaphysical healing and spiritual studies. Along the way, she found solace in the teachings of the Church of Wisdom, a non-denominational institution focused on love, wisdom, and peace.

With her newfound knowledge and spiritual insight, Audra opened her own practice, dedicated to helping others connect with the divine energies that surround us all. Through intuitive readings, energy work, and spiritual guidance, she channels the high vibrational beings of light, spreading love, wisdom, and healing to all who seek her guidance.


Today, Audra is a beacon of light in the world of holistic wellness, devoted to helping others know, feel, and heal with the divine energies that flow through us all.

Certifications of Metaphysicial and Holistic Study:


The Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment
Holistic Life Coach, Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapist
Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner

Delphi University Spiritual Studies
Sound and Color Healing Practitioner, Kundalini Light Energization Healer, Reflective Etheric Healer, Medical
Intuitive, Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Doctor of Metaphysical Healing,
Ordained Minister of the Church of Wisdom

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